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11 February 2019 | Press

How it works the Vehicle that only yield if young poor people study and work

Improving opportunities and entering into the world of work for young people that live in highly vulnerable situations are goals that, usually, are not considered in terms of the return in a financial investment. But this is exactly the goal that the Social Impact Vehicle (VIS) sets. What is this all about? VIS are investment […]

24 October 2017 | Press

Alimentaris “Energy Access” Project: from pilot project to large-scale programs to give universal access

Public Policies The “Access to Energy” Project terminated in December 2016 can be considered a success as its main objective has been exceeded. The purpose was to generate and disseminate knowledge on 3rd generation photovoltaic solar systems – SPV3G in government authorities to provide universal access to basic electrical energy in rural populations. SPV3G are […]

30 October 2016 | Events

International Workshop “Third Generation Photovoltaic Systems”

Third Generation Photovoltaic Systems: the option to achieve universal access. In October 2016, the International Workshop “Third Generation Photovoltaic Systems, an option to achieve universal access” was held in the province of Salta.

26 July 2015 | Press

Power: trip to the Puna jujeña

“Revista Viva” magazine traveled to the Puna jujeña and visited towns that operate exclusively on Sun power. In this way they get electricity and heat for cookers and water heaters. A postcard from the future?