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30 October 2016 | Events

International Workshop “Third Generation Photovoltaic Systems”

Third Generation Photovoltaic Systems: the option to achieve universal access.

In October 2016, the International Workshop “Third Generation Photovoltaic Systems, an option to achieve universal access” was held in the province of Salta.

The workshop was attended by the most important actors related to the rural electrification topic. From Argentina representatives for the – Renewable Energies Program in Rural Markets – PERMER, various provincial governments, Alimentaris Foundation and officials of the World Bank; from Bolivia representatives for the IDTR – Decentralized Infrastructure for Rural Transformation project-, for the Ministry of Energy and several non-governmental organizations. In consonance, professionals from Peru, Paraguay, Spain and Mexico attended the event.

The meeting was very useful in terms of endorsement of the Third Generation supremacy over Second Generation photovoltaic systems. Also in terms of building a stronger consensus on the need for new and innovative operational models.

The Bolivian Government is working on a plan for a pilot project of 20.000/30.000 households convinced that the use of Third Generation Photovoltaic systems (SPV3G) is definitely the right way to continue moving forward in terms of rural electrification.

PERMER was positively impacted by the outputs shown in the workshop and similarly joined the general consensus on the opportunity offered by the new technologies.

We share the whole presentations details within the framework of the Workshop:

  • Regulated Access Model for SPV 3G – Miguel Fernández F.
  • SPV 3G – Impact of Technological Innovations on the operation model – Marc Benhamou.
  • Performance and Costs in Third Generation Photovoltaic Systems – Wendy Guerra.
  • Market development of Third Generation Photovoltaic Systems in Peru: EnDev experience and its partners – Ana Moreno Morales.
  • Access to Basic Energy. Implementation of new solar technologies for isolated rural areas – Juan Jose Ochoa.
  • Experiences in Bolivia with Third Generation Photovoltaic Systems – Miguel H. Fernández F.
  • Standards and Certification of Third Generation Photovoltaic Systems – Miguel A. Egido Aguilera.
  • Access to electricity – topics at issue around the world – Lucia Spinelli.
  • Photovoltaic electrification with second generation systems (SHS) in the province of Jujuy (Argentina) – Carlos Arias.
  • Third Generation Photovoltaic Systems: Option to reach universal access – Liliana Aleman.
  • Universal Access to Energy in Latin America: Isolated Rural electrification – Julio Eisman.
  • What are Third Generation Photovoltaic Systems? – Miguel H. Fernández F.
  • ¿Que son los Sistemas Fotovoltaicos de tercera generación? – Miguel H. Fernández F.
  • For more information on this workshop please visit the following website.