Enhancing the impact of government and civil society organisations programs.

Who We Are

Alimentaris Foundation is a non-governmental non-profit organization of Swiss origin, created in 2012, that works to achieve improvements in the quality of life of the poorest populations in Argentina and other developing countries. The Foundation carries out its actions through various programs. At present the projects are focused on child development and rural development in Argentina.

The child development program is focused on working jointly with other actors, which objective is that children and their families acquire tools and knowledge that will enable them to develop their full potential and lead to a dignified life.

The rural development program aims to facilitate access to basic energy services, safe water, tele-communications and family farming, for dispersed rural populations. It has a comprehensive and collaborative approach focused on seeking synergies, through which it supports public policy makers, other organizations and local actors. It also works strongly in the development and deployment of innovative practices.

The impact investments program supports various initiatives that seek the triple impact (social, environmental and economic) contributing to the development of a new more inclusive and sustainable economy. At the same time, Alimentaris participates in the Impact Investments Working Group for Argentina and Uruguay contributing to the development of this new market in the region.


Enhance the impact of government and civil society organisations programs, by developing and investing in innovative social and environmental models, that are efficient, scalable and sustainable, with the objective of improving living conditions of vulnerable communities, promote their growth and overall development.


Every human life has equal value so we work for a world in which all people have the necessary resources to improve their welfare, unfold their potential, have equal opportunities and lead a dignified life.


Integrity: We hope that our values, what we think, what we feel, what we say and what we do is one thing.

Courage and tenacity: To achieve our goals we are determined to overcome adversity and meet the commitments necessary to accomplish them.

Humanitarian values: We especially value every human being and his qualities giving a respectful and warm treatment to everyone.

Openness and Humility: The best way to achieve our goals is working with other partners and being open to assume all the necessary roles.


Alimentaris Foundation (Switzerland)


  • Fabian Burkart
  • Christoph Rumpf


  • Fabian Burkart

Alimentaris Foundation Argentina


  • Karina Bentivoglio


  • President – Karina Bentivoglio
  • Secretary – Alfonso Gutierrez Saldívar
  • Treasurer– Marc Hoffmann


  • Executive Director – Victoria Prodanov Ithuralde
  • Head of Administration and Finance – Pablo Palacios
  • Project Coordinator– Eugenia Concina Haín
  • Project Analyst – Daniela Viola
  • Administration and Finance Analyst – Franco D’Alessandro


Child Development Programs

  • Early Stimulation Project: Research Team Dr Clara Glomba, Foundation for Community Development San Andrés, Estrella de Belén Kindergarten, Nuestra Señora del Rosario School and Nuestra Señora de Itatí Parish.
  • Project with the Centre for Prevention of Child Malnutrition and Human Promotion of “Fundación Haciendo Camino”.
  • Support to the Integral Program of Child Development of Fundación Franciscana.
  • Support to the Child Malnutrition Prevention and Human Promotion Programs of Pata Pila Franciscan Civil Association.
  • Project of creation and adaptation of children’s dietary menus of the Children’s Hospital of Basel, Switzerland (UKBB) – Pädiatrische Ernährungsberatung.

Rural Development Programs

  • Energy: Juan José Ochoa, Marc Benhamou, PERMER – Renewable Energies Program in Rural Markets-, Avina Foundation, Samsung, World Bank and national governmental authorities depending on the Energy Secretary.
  • Communications: Juan José Ochoa, Marc Benhamou and Rodrigo Vázquez.
  • Water: National Atomic Energy Commission, Juan José Ochoa, Marc Benhamou and Gabriela Delgado.
  • Family Farming: Siwok Foundation, Alec Deane, Juan José Ochoa and Marc Benhamou.

Impact Investments Programs

  • Acrux Partners
  • Impact Investments Working Group for Argentina and Uruguay