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Rural Development Programs



Objective: Contribute to provide basic universal access to energy.

Alimentaris, in partnership with the World Bank through an ESMAP project, tested new technologies (Third Generation Photovoltaic Solar System – SPV3G) and developed a new institutional model that will allow the governments of Argentina and Bolivia to provide universal access in a fast, inexpensive and sustainable way to all families that currently are in need of energy.

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Objective: Facilitate access to connectivity to disperse rural population.

A pilot experience was developed in San José del Boquerón (Santiago del Estero province) in order to design, test, and implement a technology solution and an operative model of connectivity for low-income disperse rural population that is technological, cultural and inexpensive in terms of sustainability and scalability.

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Objective: Promote sustainable family farming.

Alimentaris worked together with Fundación SIWOK in a Project to promote family farming through systems of more efficient use of water and to give key tools to small farmers from Chaco Salteño in order to support sustainable food production and the creation of an income generation activity.

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Objective: Promote access to safe water for families in rural areas.

Water is a human right to the one not everyone has access. Scarce or poorly distributed, it is a cause of complaints and where there is availability of this resource it usually has quality problems. Unfortunately it represents a lack that is synonymous of rural and urban poverty.

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In many regions of our country, this vital resource for life is scarce, badly distributed, contaminated or there is no easy access. The main objective of the project that was coordinated by Gabriela Delgado and supported by Alimentaris was to contribute to 20 families (approx. 100 individuals including 60 children) of the communities of Fortin Belgrano town and surrounding areas (General Güemes department, Salta province) were able to access to water free from bacteria and parasites, through the construction of filtering systems installed in their homes.

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