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Support to the Child Malnutrition Prevention and Human Promotion Programs of Pata Pila Franciscan Civil Association

Pata Pila is a Franciscan Civil Association that lives and works together with vulnerable communities in the northern part of Salta province. Its work focuses on the prevention of child malnutrition, human promotion, integral education and community development.

The members of Pata Pila live and work with families in poverty to promote community development and strengthening, through the implementation of nutrition programs, people promotion and integral education. They want to meet the most vulnerable families and be a listening space, attentive to receiving their needs with respect. They seek to help to awaken and deploy each person’s abilities to become themselves the change promoters.

Pata Pila implements the following programs:

  • NUTRITION PROGRAM – “Prevention of child malnutrition and human promotion”
    They work with an interdisciplinary methodology of accompaniment of families that have malnourished children or those at risk of malnutrition. A comprehensive approach to the social problems of children is proposed, working with the mother and a team made up of nutritionist, early stimulators, health educators, social workers, family doctors, psycho-pedagogues, crafts teachers and kindergarten teachers. The objectives of the Nutrition Program are to promote the recovery of children at nutritional risk, providing training, professional care and accompaniment to families, to promote their good development and growth, and in turn, favour the development of each mother helping them to deploy and enhance their capacities.
  • PATA PILA MOBILE PROGRAM – They work together with the local nurses and health care providers in the health posts of each community, conducting training workshops and nutritional checks on children and pregnant women, making a follow-up of the most critical cases. In turn, they visit the family houses to bring them answers according to their needs.

The objectives of the Pata Pila Mobile Program are eradicating child malnutrition in the visited communities, strengthening the growth and development of each child attending the program, accompanying the mothers’ nutrition during the pregnancy, and training mothers of the communities by providing promotion and personal development tools.

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