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Support to a Child Malnutrition Prevention Centre and Human Promotion together with Haciendo Camino Foundation

Haciendo Camino is a non-profit Civil Association that since 2006 works to improve the quality of life of children and families in vulnerable situations in the northern part of Argentine. Its work is focused on the prevention of child malnutrition, human promotion and integral education, so that the beneficiary families can face the present and the future with better opportunities.

Alimentaris supports the labour of Haciendo Camino, since they know the reality in which they work the territory and its people. Mainly Alimentaris contributes to the Monte Quemado Centre functioning, since it is one of the Centres of Haciendo Camino that shows greater difficulties of access.

A diagnosis of the area was made with experts and a very complex reality was presented. In addition to the malnutrition issues, the situation in which many families lived was very precarious and for this reason Alimentaris contributed in the initiation of an improvement plan in the Centre of Monte Quemado.

The intention of Alimentaris was to enhance the Centre incidence range and the number of Programs beneficiaries. Consequently, a survey of the surrounding villages was conducted, and children and mothers who lived far away from the sites of care, were started to be transferred.

Alimentaris also helped to optimize the professionals╦ł working conditions, paying per diems and acquiring a house for their accommodation. The operation of the centre was improved by purchasing equipment, incorporating a pediatrician and financing the opening of a Day Home to offer contention, education and food for mothers and their children in a more critical situation.

The following programs operate in the Centre of Monte Quemado:

  • Nutrition
  • Pregnant Women
  • Health
  • Rural
  • Trades
  • Children

For more details, please visit the website of Haciendo Camino

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