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Support to the Integral Program of Child Development with “Fundación Franciscana”

Franciscana Foundation is formed by a team that works to transform situations of poverty, based on a Franciscan style of encounter and dialogue. It is defined as a large family that shares life and seeks to put its effort and abilities at the service of the other. It was founded in 2007, in the town of Moreno, Buenos Aires Province, and in 2013 the Ejército de los Andes headquarters was added.

Franciscana wants to be a possibility for anyone who wants to get out of poverty in the neighbourhoods where it has an impact, and thus transform more and more life stories. It works together with families in poverty so that they can develop their capacities and transform their reality. It builds opportunities with programs of work, education, health, housing, art, justice and family bonds. Likewise, it wants to add more people to this transformative style and be a response for those who wonder how to help families in poverty.

Its style is to create community, “being a community is both the medium and end of the Foundation”. The strength of its work comes from the community life that sustains it. All Franciscana Foundation the members share and at the same time receive, transforming each other. One of its mottos is “The encounter transforms our poverty”. The Foundation believes in people and approaches to individuals with concrete, unique and valuable stories. For this reason Franciscana Foundation does not work in an assistance-based approach as a way of addressing poverty. It works in dialogue, closeness and commitment to the other, that is why it is devoted to the reality of every person.

Franciscana Foundation carries out a great network labour with the State, international organizations, other foundations, companies and consultants. In this way, the actors learn together from the contributions of all, sharing experiences and tools, and accompanying their processes. Likewise, progressions of organizational culture change are generated and teamwork is strengthened, favouring the development of alliances. Alimentaris shares this integral vision and the way of approach and accompaniment that Franciscana Foundation offers to the vulnerable communities in which it is inserted, for that reason Alimentaris has decided to accompany its work since 2015.

The work of accompanying families in a situation of poverty, capacity development and reality transformation, is channelled through different programs focused on young children and adults.

Alimentaris specifically supports “Casa del Niño” a Child Development Program located at Ejército de los Andes headquarters. The Child Development program offers three spaces for children:

  • Nursery: It seeks to improve the development conditions of children in their early years (2 to 5), and enhance their potential. It provides a space of containment and stimulation. It is a space of contention for both children and mothers.
  • Dining room: The children of the first shift receive breakfast and lunch and the children that attend during the afternoon shift receive lunch and snacks.
  • School support: It is a space that seeks to complement the children primary education facilitating their learning. The children participating are between 6 to 13 years old.

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