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Project of creation and adaptation of children’s dietary menus of the Children’s Hospital of Basel, Switzerland (UKBB) – Pädiatrische Ernährungsberatung

Alimentaris has developed the project “Creation and adaptation of children’s dietary menus of the Basel Children’s Hospital (UKBB)”, whose head has been Dr Raoul Furlano, Head of Gastroenterology and Nutrition of the Hospital, together with Nutritionist Elisabeth Dürr. The project has been developed from April 2014 to March 2015.

The objective of the project has been to update the general guidelines and menus for children hospitalized in need of a therapeutic diet to the new and current knowledge on nutrition, in order to guarantee an adequate and updated dietary therapy to the knowledge and standards in paediatrics.

The secondary effect of the project has been the cost and resources savings in nutritional consultancy and in the kitchen of the Basel Hospital (USB) that is aimed at adults who have mostly a simpler diet than children and that is the one that provides food to Basel Children’s Hospital, since the latter does not have its own kitchen.

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