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Child Development Programs

Early stimulation project with “Quinta San Andrés Foundation”

A Alimentaris has partnered with “Fundación para el Desarrollo Comunitario San Andrés” a foundation for community development and the “Jardín de Infantes Estrella de Belén” kindergarten (dependent on the “Parroquia Nuestra Sra. de Itatí” parish), to develop a comprehensive project based on the work carried out by Dr. Clara Glomba and her team, focused in conducting speech therapists and psychological treatments in the kindergarten. The inclusion of speech therapists for mild cases, contributes to the health system relief, to give response to the most difficult cases requiring more complex strategies. In Argentina, the percentage of children with global delay of development at the age of 2 to 5 years is 20% to 39% as revealed in various studies published in 2007 and 2010. The areas facing major difficulties are the language and the adaptations in the socialization, according to Dr. Lejarraga studies.

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Support to a Child Malnutrition Prevention Centre and Human Promotion together with Haciendo Camino Foundation

A diagnosis of the Monte Quemado area, in the Santiago del Estero province was carried out by experts and a very complex situation was found. Besides the problem of malnutrition, the situation of many families was very precarious and for this reason Alimentaris contributed in the initiation of a plan to improve the Monte Quemado Centre infrastructure in order to increase the incidence range of the Centre and the number of beneficiaries of the Programs.

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Support to the Integral Program of Child Development with “Fundación Franciscana”

Franciscana Foundation wants to be a possibility for anyone who wants to get out of poverty in the neighbourhoods where it has an impact, and thus transform more and more stories of life. It works together with families in poverty so that they can develop their capacities and transform their reality. It builds opportunities with programs of work, education, health, housing, art, justice and family bonds Alimentaris supports the Child Development Program called “Casa del Niño” in Ejército de los Andes headquarters.

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Support to the Child Malnutrition Prevention and Human Promotion Programs of Pata Pila Franciscan Civil Association

Alimentaris supports Pata Pila programs. Pata Pila works together with poor communities in the northern part of the Salta province. The principles of its work are child nutrition prevention, human promotion, integral education and community development.

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Project of creation and adaptation of children’s dietary menus of the Children’s Hospital of Basel, Switzerland (UKBB) – Pädiatrische Ernährungsberatung

Alimentaris has developed the Project “Creation and adaptation of dietary menus for children of Basel Children’s Hospital (UKBB)”. The Project has been implemented from April 2014 to March 2015. The objective was the updating of the general guidelines and menus for children hospitalized in need of a therapeutic diet to the new and current knowledge on nutrition, with the aim to guarantee an adequate and updated dietary therapy according to paediatrics knowledge and standards.

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