Enhancing the impact of government and civil society organisations programs.


Child Development Programs

With regard to the promotion of children and childhood, Alimentaris Foundation believes in the need to articulate coordinated actions to contribute to the integral development of the family and the promotion of rights. Working together with communities, civil society organizations and the state provides systemic responses and generates conditions that allow growing in equal opportunities.

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Rural Development Programs

The rural development program aims to facilitate access to basic energy services, safe water, tele-communications and family farming, for dispersed rural populations. It has a comprehensive and collaborative approach focused on seeking synergies, through which it supports public policy makers, other organizations and local actors. It also works strongly in the development and deployment of innovative practices.

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Impact Investing Program

Alimentaris Foundation promotes the development of the Impact Investments sector supporting various initiatives that seek the triple impact (social, environmental and economic) contributing to the development of a new more inclusive and sustainable economy. At the same time, Alimentaris participates in the Impact Investments Working Group for Argentina and Uruguay contributing to the development of this new market in the region.

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