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26 July 2015 | Press

Power: trip to the Puna jujeña

“Revista Viva” magazine traveled to the Puna jujeña and visited towns that operate exclusively on Sun power.

In this way they get electricity and heat for cookers and water heaters. A postcard from the future?
In the Puna, there are rough passages, shocking colors, vicuñas and llamas with wool ribbons in the ears. An endless blue sky, with a full Sun. Sun which, in addition to being a source of spiritual inspiration, is a source of energy: electricity and heat. If not ask Doña Paulina Alfaro, a Jujuy woman who wears a red wide-brimmed hat and black braids according to local customs.

Her adobe home is located in a field of the Department of Carahuasi where the wind is the only presence, well far away from the electrical network. But now a small third generation solar panel feeds her led lamps light inside her ranch with no windows. “I raised my kids with the candlelight,” she says showing a smile that looks as if it were invincible. Now she can weave until dawn without the danger of combustion smoke devours air or fires the house.

The Sun has changed in various ways the life of many Jujuy people living in remote sites. There are mini-networks in small towns that feed on photovoltaic panels’ energy, as well as rural schools and isolated and scattered residents that would have not have lighting without this technology.

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