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24 October 2017 | Press

Alimentaris “Energy Access” Project: from pilot project to large-scale programs to give universal access

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The “Access to Energy” Project terminated in December 2016 can be considered a success as its main objective has been exceeded. The purpose was to generate and disseminate knowledge on 3rd generation photovoltaic solar systems – SPV3G in government authorities to provide universal access to basic electrical energy in rural populations.

SPV3G are economical systems (up to 70% less than a conventional system) that provide a comprehensive and efficient solution as regards energy.

As a direct result of the project, Government Agencies for energy access in rural populations from Bolivia (IDTR) and Argentina (PERMER) are working on a large-scale programs to introduce this solution into their operations. This solution is being at issue by the Governments of Peru and Paraguay.



Left to right: Ing. Maximiliano Morrone – Director Nacional de Promoción de Energías Renovables del Ministerio de Energía y Minería de la Nación, Karina Bentivoglio – Directora General de Fundación Alimentaris, Juan José Ochoa – Coordinador General Proyecto PERMER de la Subsecretaría de Energías Renovables del Ministerio de Energía y Minería, Ing. Sebastián Kind – Subsecretario de Energías Renovables del Ministerio de Energía y Minería.